"Good Things Grow in Ontario."


All about Carrots

Carrots are inexpensive, easy to prepare, store well and are grown locally in Ontario. They are available all year round. Delicious and healthy both raw and cooked, carrots can be used in many sweet and savoury dishes.

Nutrition Spotlight!

Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is what gives carrots their bright orange colour. Beta-carotene also acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants may lower the risk of some chronic diseases. Beta-carotene is also converted to vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A helps your eyes and skin stay strong and healthy. Carrots also contain folate and fibre.

Try this:

  • Grate carrots and add them to a leafy green salad, pasta salad or combine with grated cabbage for coleslaw.
  • Boil carrots, potatoes, ginger, celery and spices, then purée to make a great soup.
  • Roast carrots in the oven on their own or with other root vegetables for a tasty side dish.
  • Dip carrot sticks in hummus for an easy snack.


Carrots go well with flavours such as ginger, curry, maple syrup, honey, apple cider, thyme and parsley.
Most of the carrot’s nutrients are found just below the skin. Instead of peeling your carrots, rinse and scrub with a vegetable brush or just scrape the skin lightly with a peeler.

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are full-grown carrots that have been peeled and shaped into smaller pieces by a machine. Their small size makes them a popular snack food, but because they no longer have the skin, they are a little less nutritious than regular sized carrots.

How to store carrots

Store carrots in plastic bags in the refrigerator crisper. They will keep for up to three weeks.
Remove the leafy green carrot tops before storing. Otherwise the greens will take moisture out of the carrots and make them tough and wilted.